Tea Notes

My Notes – Are a collection of experiences that I have had with tea or the notes of someone’s experience that I respect and accept.

Processed notes

Green Tea Notes
– Raw File: Green Tea
– Green Tea Introduction
Green Tea Processing: Picking, Oxidation, and Shaping
– Determining Quality Green Tea
– Determining Quality Green Tea Part II
Brewing Green Tea
My Experience in Hangzhou.

Comparison Notes

Alishan Storage Comparison
– Alishan Storage

Event Notes

The notes below are notes from two major events hosted by the Tea Institute at Penn State.
**Some really valuable notes are within these two files.**

The Tea Institute at Penn State’s Regional Tea Ceremony Spring 2014
– Regional Tea Ceremony 

The Tea Institute at Penn State’s Puer Tea Exhibition Spring 2013
– Puer_Exhibition_2013

Museum Notes

This next set of notes are notes that I go to draw inspiration from or for more information on a current note. While I have visited these museums and did type these notes, the information belongs to the respective museums mentioned below.

Typed images from China’s National Tea Museum in Hangzhou, China
– China National Tea Museum

Information from Yingge’s Ceramic Museum in Yingge, Taiwan

– Yingge Ceramics Museum Notes

Upcoming Notes

All of the files below are notes that are typed and somewhat presentable. The idea behind these is to give you the idea of where I am going next. *Warning: These are unpolished and may contain some horrible misspellings*

– Oolong Basics

– Puer Basics

– White Tea + Yellow Tea

– Water Tasting

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